The Sea of Cortez trip is full! If you want to add your name to the waitlist, contact Holly.

  1. Sue Zellner
  2. Deb Williamson
  3. Patty Pisanelli
  4. Tricia Coldren
  5. Daphne Douglas
  6. Patti Svendsen
  7. Jeanne Hentges
  8. Doreen Dazenski
  9. Ginger Clark
  10. Brenda Highley
  11. Vallerie Gonzales
  12. Chani Farhaven
  13. Maria Anderson
  14. Jackie Yukawa
  15. Kris Van Gasken
  16. Linda Bollbach
  17. Patricia McMullen
  18. Terry Anderson
  19. Wendy Mitchell
  20. Carol Freeland
  21. Sally Lewis
  22. Sheila Cannon
  23. Diane Brodie
  24. Deneen Taylor
  25. Clare Gorman
  26. Julie Thorndycraft
  27. Barb Houston-Shimizu
  28. Nicolette Arnoldus
  29. Kelly Kunsman
  30. Nancy Harrison
  31. Kim Bergeron
  32. Marie Galley
  33. Kathy Maciel
  34. Cybele Abbett
  35. Joy Dennis
  36. Stephanie Miller
  37. Kris Dennie-Young
  38. Kris Chappell
  39. Janet Davis
  40. Carol Stratford
  41. Brenda Sabin
  42. Maya Buckley
  43. Patty Busmire
  44. Margaret Stewart
  45. Ann Gates
  46. Becki Kain
  47. Kellee Kimbro
  48. Denise Kaplan
  49. Teresa Strukoff

Captains and First Mates

Holly Scott and Jo Russell

Katie Scott and Mo Morrow

Patsee Ober and Sara Aiken

Paulette Bergh and Paula Christilaw

Sarah Cavanagh and Anne Arey

Holly Vrotsos and Heather Ersts

Diana Kylbert and Liz Baylis


Boat Name Peeps Type of Boat
Pablo Sherri and Steve Brenner Westsail 32
Due West Heidi and Kirk Hassler Passport 40
Georgia Lucie Mewes (Bea)
TBD Mary Grace Stitch HH65
Celtic Song Diane Berol Pacific Seacraft 40
Domino Marie and JP Dufour Power Cat
First Step Charliss Lynn Cal 33
Rhea CJ and River Braun Ben. Oceanis 430
Eileen May Yona Burdge and Shay Weer Sampson 40
Campbell’s Sloop Susie and Don Campbell Catalina 34
Le Marvala Ev Anderson, Mal Ulsher, Janet Dart, Karen Courington, and Karen Branch Dufour 412