Biographies – What and When

By March 1 2019, you should complete a short biography about yourself and send it to Julie. Please include a photo of yourself as well.

The biographies will be compiled and sent out to each of you just before the trip – this is when the official boat assignments will be publicized. There will be a copy on each boat. And for those of you who can’t remember names (like me), we will have name tags for you to wear at each of the get-togethers.

Your Biography

Your bio should include a little bit about your sailing/boating experience along with other key details that you would like others to know. Examples:  how you got into sailing, what you hope to get out of this years trip, your past or current profession, passions, hobbies, talents. And if you have room, something unique about yourself that others may not know.

It should be no more than a paragraph or two – extra points are not given for dissertations.

Your Picture

Your picture should be a current picture of you, so that others will recognize you if you run into them in the airport or on the shuttles.

Sample Bio


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