A tradition was started during the 2nd WWS Rendezvous in the Sea of Cortez. It was suggested by some of the BYOBoats that we bring items for the children of a local town – San Evaristo. The town is very remote so getting supplies were quite difficult not to mention expensive. Initially the request was for everyone to bring at least two toothbrushes. Simple enough. But not enough! Soon we were getting lists of what was “really” needed and a new tradition was started! With items ranging from solar lamps to school supplies and soccer balls, we left San Evaristo with a huge pile of goods to distribute to the kids and families.

The third Rendezvous to Belize helped the Placencia Humane Society. Every square inch of luggage space was filled with dog and cat items ranging from food to medication. They were thrilled to say the least!

Placencia Humane Society Board of Directors with our pile of donations!

After Hurricanes Irma and Maria hit the British Virgin Islands in September of 2017, there was no question as to where we needed the next Rendezvous to be held. They needed tourism dollars to help their economy recover. But we wanted to do more than just spend money. With that, we selected Adopt-A-Roof as our targeted charity and raised over $7000 that went directly to re-building roofs on houses of BVI locals. In addition, we brought items needed by a local school for disabled children.

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