Before You Book Anything

Plan on arriving in La Paz by 5:00pm on April 5th. There will be a group dinner that evening where everyone will meet their Captains and get instructions for the next day.

For departures, do not plan on being off of the boats before noon on April 13.

Where We Will Go:

Isla Partida – We’ll explore the dozens of anchorages and small islands along the western side of the island– fish, snorkel, beach comb, hike the canyons, take a million photos!  We’ll all anchor for the night at Caleta Partida, a collapsed volcanic crater with great beachcombing!

Los Islotes – (a remote rock outcropping) makes for a great stop to watch and swim with the resident Sea Lions.  Then we’ll have a nice sail to the cove at Isla San Francisco. Beautiful beach, iconic hike to the ridge where you can photograph our fleet in the bay.  More beautiful water!

Isla San Jose –
 a day stop to see the Cordon Cactus Forrest and explore the mangroves.

Isla Coyote – is another day stop.  It’s a tiny island where fishing folk have lived for hundreds of years.  Sometimes, the ladies have hand made items to sell.

San Evaristo – here’s where we have our group dinner ashore.  We will collect donations for the kids at the school here. Be sure to walk around and over to the other side of town near the salt flats!

One night, we will find a remote beach and have a campfire.  Don’t forget the marshmallows!

There will be many more stops as there are beautiful coves to explore everywhere along the way, and we want you to see and do as much as you want.​

​The city of La Paz is a wonderful town with an amazing Malecon (Boardwalk) along the waterfront.  There are lots of shops and places to eat and whale sharks to swim with (!), so allow yourself some time either before or after our charter to enjoy .