March 22 Message from Holly and Jo

Hola Mis Amigas!

We’re getting very close to our grand adventure in the beautiful Sea Of Cortez and we wanted to check in with a few tips and reminders.

Please read the email we sent on January 15.  It will answer many questions you may have and help make your experience even better.  It’s also on the website –  Click Here

Last week, I saw a video of a prominent member of a high end yacht club, hitting golf balls off his fore deck into the ocean.  Seriously?  It reminded me to remind all of you what a fragile ecosystem the Sea of Cortez is.  Remember to remove all extra trash and packaging from items you bring onboard and leave it at home if at all possible.  We will be adding several heavy duty trash bags to each boat and ask you to please pick up any plastic or fishing trash that you find during your adventures.  Post as many photos as you can on WWS of us removing these death traps from the Sea.  Thank you in advance!

PLEASE remember that you must drink lots of water when sailing in the desert!  Your goal should be a gallon a day.  I know, that sounds impossible now but with wind and sun, you fluids will evaporate quickly.  Juice, coffee and booze don’t count!  We will not have small, single serving water bottles onboard.  They generate way too much waste and potential plastic in the water!  We will buy large containers of drinking water so please bring your own reusable WATER BOTTLE to fill as needed, and keep track of how much you drink each day.

Our WELCOME DINNER on April 5th is at the Hotel La Perla, located right on the malecon.  Super easy to find!  Plan on arriving at 5:30 so you can meet everyone and have a chance to visit.  We will introduce your captains and first mates so you know what rock stars they are and then dinner will be served at 7:00.  Bring some pesos (you can get them at the ATM in La Paz) so you can buy your own adult beverages!

PACKING!  Every trip we put together is full of reminders to pack lightly. Some do, and some don’t, but they always wish they had.  If you show up with a huge bag (or two), your captain will have to ask you to take what you really need and put it in a trash bag, leaving your huge bag behind at the base for a week.  Don’t be that guest!!!  Pleaeeeese re-read the packing list and watch the video one last time.  You will be so happy you did… Click Here to see the video

TIPPING.  There are always questions about tipping your crew.  Your Captain and First Mate work hard to ensure you have a great time and stay safe.  While not required, it is most appreciated if you’d like to tip your crew at the end of your trip.  Please plan on tipping them in US Dollars rather than pesos.

Be tolerant of the slow pace of things in Mexico.  Mexican people are some of the nicest and kindest people we have ever met on our many trips all over the world.  They operate at a different tempo than we gringas do, so please go with the flow if things seem slow.

You already know this but as a reminder… there is no DRINKING (alcohol) underway or during mid-day stops.  Drinking is allowed only after the anchor is down for the day (final stop). SHOES are required at all times while on the boat. This is not only for your own safety but also to ensure that everyone else’s vacation is not impacted by an injury.  One broken toe or torn off toenail….. No smoking on the boats at any time.

One additional rule we have to ensure your happiness and the happiness of your boat mates is no talking politics, religion or other hot button topics.  We all have our opinions but everyone is here to have a great time, not get into arguments over personal opinions and beliefs.  We are all sailing sistahs!!!

And finally, as we always say “The first day is the worst day” on any charter so please allow your crew to run around chasing down loose ends and getting the provisions stowed so we can leave the dock as soon as possible.  Feel free to give them a hug as needed!  There is always some unexpected kink that has to be sorted out and it takes time for everyone to get settled in so take a deep breath and smile.


Sea you in about a minute!

Holly & Jo

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