Shuttle Schedule SJD to/from La Paz

If you are flying in/out of San Jose del Cabo (SJD) and planning on taking the shuttle coordinated by Julie, here is the information regarding the schedules. You may want to print this out. Questions – Ask!

Airport Transportation Instructions:

Guests will depart plane, go through Customs to get Visa stamped, then to pick up luggage.  Porters are usually available for tip.

On exit, guests will stand in line to put luggage in x-ray machine, then proceed to security by pushing a button to pass.  If the guest gets a red light, he/she will be stopped and luggage will be searched briefly;  If guest gets a green light, keep walking and exit building.

There will be a lot of people inside the building trying to get you to go on timeshare presentations.  They will ask you where you are going and even tell you that they are your transportation company. They are really still trying to get you to go on a presentation for timeshare.

Keep walking.  Do not stop.

How to find us at Terminal 1: Go to the sign that says “Group Exits”

How to find us at Terminal 2 & 3:

A soon as you pass customs, go all the way “OUTSIDE” the building  where all the transportation companies are. There you will find your Airport Rep with the sign saying “Mahalo Sailing“, he is under the tent number 6…

You will see many transportation companies of men holding signs for pick up.

Your group should go with our IMPALA airport rep. holding the sign “Mahalo Sailing“.

The driver will help you with your luggage and take you to your resort. Cost is paid directly to the driver in U.S. dollars,  Please have proper amount of bills.

Note: Shuttles will not leave until all of the designated passengers are on the shuttle. If you’re the last one to arrive, please don’t dawdle as everyone else will be waiting for you. Okay, stopping to use the bathroom is fine! Shuttles may stop for a bio-break along the route, if it is needed.

Cost: The shuttle is $70 round-trip and $35 one-way. The drivers will take your payment. Cash only (USD).

Arrival Information – Please note changes!

April 3 Arrivals

April 4 Arrivals

Change: Kelly Sherwood and Diane Brodie have been removed from this shuttle.

April 5 Arrivals

Departure Information

April 13 Departures

April 14 Departures

CHANGE: Adding Mo Morrow and Teresa Strukoff – early shuttle will be leaving at 7:30AM
Change: Removing Teresa from 11:00 AM shuttle

April 15 Departures



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