Here’s a sneak peak at the sponsors who have committed to either donations or items for our drawings:



Sponsor About

Source for the best cruising guides to the Sea of Cortez, logbooks, and other sailing tools that make life easier on a boat
Makers of the famous Mantus Anchor and Mantus anchoring systems. Our very own WWS member, Deneen Taylor, was critical in the design of the anchor with her background as a Structural Engineer. In addition to anchors, they are also the source for the WWS burgees and some other really cool things like waterproof bags and backpacks, compact scuba gear!
Marmara Imports has been a sponsor of these trips since 2016! They have the absolute best quick drying towels that are soft and beautiful. Their towels are 100% turkish cotton and absorb water quickly and in turn, dry quickly.
Good Old Boat has also been a sponsor since the beginning. A great publication for those who love boats with excellent ideas on improving and maintaining a boat whether it is power or sail.
Cruising Solutions is the source for some awesome boating gear – all focused to making life aboard all little bit easier. They are the place to go for the best headsets (we use ours for anchoring, docking, sending someone up the mast, and when one person has to work in the engine room and one is in the cockpit), WinchRite, LED lighting, and more. In the past they have supplied us with Savon de Mer, the best soap to use on any water (salt or fresh). And they are sending us some this year!