What to Bring

Words of Wisdom from Captain Holly

What to bring:

Expect temps in the 70s and 80s. The days might be hot and sultry but as you know it will be cooler on the water, especially underway, and there might be a chance of rain showers in the afternoon. So it’s best to bring a variety of light and quick-dry clothes, that you can layer (or not) as needed. It’s fine to wear things more than once!!!!! I usually pack exactly what I think I will need and then take half of it out. It’s still too many clothes! DO NOT BRING A SUITCASE! A soft sided duffle is perfect and stows easily. Your crew are not luggage handlers! You will need to manage your own bag.

We’ll be going ashore by dinghy, and not always to a dock, so you might get a little wet! You’ll want to have shoes to wear in the surf and walking; and quick dry shorts or a skirt/wrap you can hike up.

As for footwear: you’ll want something to wear on the boat that has good grip and doesn’t mark; walking shoes if you’re going sightseeing or hiking; and sandals. For some, that might be three different pairs of shoes and for others it could be just one good pair of Teva-type sandals. Less is more!

One last note: in some regions it may be necessary for us to ‘cover up’ in order to respect local customs: a long sleeve shirt over slacks or full-length pareo/sarong will do.

• T-shirts – 2
• Tank tops -3
• Long sleeved sun shirt
• Windbreaker/rain jacket
• One lightweight fleece
• Shorts – 3
• Lightweight slacks -1
• Sarong/pareo
• Sun dress/beach cover-up -1
• One outfit for ‘casual dress up’
• Swimsuit
• Jammies
• Footwear (see above)
• Wide-brimmed hat/max sun protection

• Small knapsack or tote bag
• Sunglasses with leash or keeper
• Sunscreen – lotion, not spray
• Bug spray – wipes are great
• Small flashlight and extra batteries
• Refillable water bottle – mandatory!
• Toiletries – salt water soap is good
• Medication (in original bottle with prescription please)

• Ipod and/or smart phone with 12V charger
• Camera and batteries/charger (charger can be cigarette type)
• Small dry bag – for your camera, wallet, phone, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
Captain Holly Scott 562 787 5653 or Holly or Julie

Want to see a video on how to do all this? Click Here